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Years of experience

GSM TRANS is a transportation company that fulfills global and local carrying. Our company was established in 2006 year and till now is chosen for its high quality, stability and development drive. Nowadays GSM TRANS fulfills carrying in any point of the world and cooperates with the most successful brands.

• What do we offer?
We deal with any difficulty distribution from around the world. Our main business area is in Europe, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, where we distribute – perishable, regime or dangerous cargos.
Competitive price- In our field price is depending on demand, environmental conditions, competitor‘s price differences- so it changes a lot. We guarantee you best price you can ever get.
Calmness – We will take care of your cargo!

• Why us?
The main advantage of GSM TRANS is that we own 100 trailers and the number grows constantly as our priority is growth and development.

• What advantage gives you distributing with our trailers?
We are not counting on luck of finding free trailers to that exact moment to deliver your load. When we promise to deliver your load it means that we have our own free trailer ready to deliver it to you.

We cooperate with local and international insurance companies to make sure that your cargo will deliver flawlessly.

GSM TRANS was established in 2006 by the person whose main goal was to create high professional and safe chain. Through all these years GSM Trans employed and upgraded many employees. Our personnel is desirous and safe, who wishes to advance in this business. They are fully qualified and are upgrading their knowledge every day. We have experience of any difficulty carrying- including perishable, regime or dangerous cargos.

We don’t have day offs or non-working hours. You can get information about your load at any minute you wish for. Our trailers are equipped whit GPRS System that helps us control every minute and update you immediately.

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